Natural Solutions for Boosting Energy, Healing Your Body & Feeling Great!

This 10 week health coaching program offers customized strategy & support


Vibrant Body Formula is ideal for those with chronic illness as well as those who have just gotten off track.

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Natural Solutions

Natural solutions for weight-management, healthy living and a vibrant life. You won’t find any gimmicks, fake food or grueling boot-camps here.

10 Weeks of Coaching & Support

Customized one-on-one weekly coaching with me for a deep transformation. Plus weekly group trainings by phone conference. All sessions are recorded & are yours to keep. Plus four special workshops and a library of health & healing practices.

A Gentle Heart-Based Formula

All body shapes are welcome and supported. Receive loving guidance every step of the way.

In just 10 weeks, I’ll help you reduce or resolve…

  • Fatigue that keeps you from elegantly meeting the challenges of your day
  • Feelings of overwhelm and anxiety that keep you in a state of stress and dis-ease
  • Difficulties sleeping
  • Bloating and digestive upset, even stubborn digestive issues
  • Overeating, late-night eating, over snacking
  • Emotions gone wild

Learn how to…

  • Manage your weight
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Get to sleep and stay asleep. Rise & really shine!
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Eat healthy
  • Get a lifestyle that the supports the integrity of your values
  • Boost your resistance to disease
  • Be more balanced in your life
  • Create a lifestyle that grounds and supports you
  • Stabilize your emotions

Vibrant Body Formula helps you improve both your short-term and long-term health goals.

Jump Start Bonus

Ready to begin? Dive into feeling great today. Join today and get the Vibrant Body Comprehensive Master Assessment.

Simple, Healthy Weight Management

Say goodbye to dieting. Get the formula for weight management without gimmicks, fake food or complicated recipes.

Boost Your Energy

Ditch the black cloud of fatigue. Discover how to feel motivated, awake and calm without stimulants propping you up.

Healthy Digestion

Resolve intermittent and chronic digestive issues that cause fatigue, food cravings and disease.

Get Unstuck

Easy, safe and natural detox for your body, mind and emotions


Restful Sleep

Sleep better. Get to sleep and stay asleep. Wake up rested, clear and motivated.


UpLevel Your Happiness

Reduce anxiety and overwhelm. Learn specific tools for reducing stress.


Create a Vibrant Life

In just 10 weeks, you’ve watched the transformation smoothly unfold. Now learn how to integrate everything for lasting change.


Here’s What You Get With Vibrant Body Formula:


10 Weeks of Health Coaching and Support - INCLUDES weekly private customized coaching


Participate By Phone & Internet From Any Place In the World


Comprehensive Master Health Assessment


10 Live Coaching Calls (all recorded in case you miss the training)


4 Live Saturday Afternoon Workshops (cooking class, meal planning, setting up effective routines, plus more)


3 Pre-recorded Trainings (all prerecorded and live trainings are yours to keep)


Yoga & Meditation Library plus Resource Center


Complete Guidebook (checklists, exercises and support content)


SOS Calls (as needed)


Access to All Content For Future Use. Download these tools to use over and over after the training has ended.


BONUS: Sign Up Today and Receive Your “Jump-Start Training” bonus. Let’s start getting you the results you want!

Suzanne Morgan

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Nutrition & Health Coach

500 E-RYT – Meditation & Yoga Teacher; Plus 700 hr. Certified Yoga Teacher

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Let’s discuss how to create a healthy, happy you.

We’ll talk about your health challenges, identify the one thing that will move you forward and see if VBF is right for you.


Before I met Suzanne and began the Vibrant Body Formula program I was overweight, lacked energy and motivation and was generally unhappy and unhealthy. I was at a loss on how to begin to make the kind of changes I knew I needed to improve my quality of life. Since I completed the program, my life has changed dramatically for the better. I am steadily losing weight and maintaining the weight loss. Now, instead of going home and crawling into bed because I’m too tired to do anything else, I spend quality time with my husband, and have even begun exercising regularly.

I have become more self-aware about how different foods effect my body and I’m making healthier choices. I’ve also learned how to utilize essential oils and natural remedies to manage any ailments that may occur, such as sore muscles, headaches and stomach ache.  Suzanne’s vast knowledge and experience is very apparent during the group and individual sessions.

At first I didn’t think I would like the group sessions as I tend to be a loner. But to my surprise, it was very helpful to hear the other clients’ perspectives and questions and I looked forward to these sessions as much as I did the individual sessions. If I had any outstanding questions I was able to get them answered during the one-to-one sessions, in a quick email, Facebook post or a phone call with Suzanne.

I feel that one of the best things about this course is Suzanne’s openness and accessibility. She is warm, friendly, reassuring and encourages questions and feedback. She strikes a balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. Another great thing about this program is that Suzanne didn’t make decisions for me but she empowered me to figure out the root of my issues and then helped me identify and implement solutions specific to me.

My ongoing use of the tools Suzanne helped me develop continues to make positive difference in my life.  With the assistance of Suzanne, the tools provided in this program are able to address each persons’ unique needs. I highly recommend this program.

Angie Von Stein

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Vibrant Body Formula start?

Group Transformations:

Our next Vibrant Body Formula starts on Saturday, JANUARY 13, 2018. If you sign up early, you’ll get the quick start program and a special customized private session. If you miss the start date, you can join an on-going group at any time. Call or email me for the full schedule, / 703-626-8349.


What if I can't make the live training calls?

One of the things that was really, really important to me when I designed this formula is to give super busy people the opportunity to achieve great results even if they miss the live calls. All of the calls are recorded. You’ll have access to me directly and through the private FaceBook group. If you are part of a small group, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to interface with me and the group outside of the live calls.

If you choose a one-on-one transformation, then we’ll schedule our coaching calls at mutually convenient times.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please be sure to notify me in writing within 15 days after the start of the program. I will gladly refund your money – 100% refund. No hassles and we can part as friends. Please note that there are no refunds after 15 days of the start date.

What if I fall behind with the program or something comes up in my life?

First of all, there is no “behind”. Some people will jump in and take advantage of every opportunity, while others will need more time to integrate the solutions into their lives. One of the benefits of the group transformations is learning how others are able to resolve their struggles. You’ll learn ways to get results while still keeping up with your busy life. My clients are often surprised that getting great results takes much less time than they thought. The group can help you keep the momentum going and of course, it’s my job is to encourage you to prioritize your health. But don’t worry. You will have access to the content and the recordings to work at your leisure.  This means that if something comes up, just save all the materials for when you have time to access it.

Here’s My Story:

This formula literally changed my life. Even though I was a dedicated yoga teacher, I was sick and tired all the time. Then I dedicated my life to learning natural, lasting solutions for great health. I’ve been teaching these solutions to my clients and getting amazing results. Here are just a few of the results that I’ve personally experienced:

  • Resolved severe allergies without drugs (I was even allergic to my house!)
  • Restored my body’s natural immune response. I haven’t been sick for 2 years. (I went from having minor flu and colds more than 6 times a year to zilch!)
  • Significantly reduced my anxieties and fears by bringing my body and emotions into a consistent harmonious balance
  • Increased my productivity at work and sharpened my mental focus and concentration
  • Lost weight with very simple changes to my lifestyle
  • I went from feeling heavy, tired and sluggish every morning upon waking to having great energy and being able to wake up without an alarm most mornings
  • Healed “addictive” late-night eating and snacking
  • Significantly improved my blood sugar levels and have created more stable energy throughout the day
  • I often live in a state of being of “I feel great today”! (I truly feel that –I’m not just trying to be positive!)
  • I have learned how to identify when I become out of balance. Now I am able to stop disease before it happens. 
  • I went from having a LOT of problems with both getting to sleep and staying asleep to becoming a great sleeper. 
  • I have learned how to manage the symptoms of menopause which has allowed me to become cooler, calmer and more stable.
  • I have been able to live my true dharma (or calling in life) by having the time, the emotional availability and the energy to pursue what I love and what I’m good at – now that I’m no longer pulled down by being sick and tired
  • Plus, much more!


Suzanne Morgan, Seasoned Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Health and Nutrition Consultant & Lifestyle Coach

Suzanne Morgan

  • Seasoned Yoga Teacher
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • Health and Nutrition Consultant


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